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What’s the Hold up with Model-based Review Adoption?

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Nearly every design and engineering firm relies on a 2D or 3D model—yet many are not using those models for coordination and collaboration. For many, model-based reviews are pie-in-the-sky benefits limited to big organizations with seemingly unlimited technology resources. That’s not the case any more thanks to on-demand, instant-on cloud-based solutions. Today’s software as a service environment opens the door for organizations of all sizes to take advantage of a multi-discipline, multi-organizational model-based design review process.

Here’s three ways instant-on, model-based reviews can change your business for the better:


Overcome File Sharing Obstacles

Our industry is very file-oriented, and many organizations are accustomed to simply throwing a model over the fence and waiting for changes or approval. The back and forth process of making changes to the model risks design quality and on-time delivery. This manual workflow is simply not conducive in today’s fast-track environment that requires a more collaborative mindset to deliver projects. Web-based review environments where everyone reviews the current model together eliminates the sharing of large files, ensures the latest version is being reviewed and creates a referenceable audit trail.

Extend BIM Collaboration

During any design, there are going to be multiple file types coming from different engineering firms that range from topography to utilities and roadways. This limits reviews to those who use the native applications and excludes input from other valuable team members. A modern cloud-based BIM collaboration solution will let you see the models without the need for native design applications. And beyond costly design review point solutions, it can give you the added value of a central data environment and deliverables management and insights.

Speed Issue Resolution

Model-based reviews are an excellent way to quickly resolve potential issues and gain early approvals. These applications are all about bringing multi-discipline models together and enabling collaboration. You’ll keep everyone aligned with live review sessions where both internal team members and external owners or clients can create markups, comments, and issues together. Tasks can be assigned right from the review session for tracking and more timely response. Faster issue resolution equals faster approvals.


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Model-based design reviews improve collaboration and drive better outcomes—and they’re not just for the big organizations anymore.  Whether you’re managing smaller projects of your own or delivering a piece of the bigger project to owners or clients, you can draw from the benefits of real-time model-based collaboration review.

Learn more about instant-on web-based project collaboration and streamline your design delivery now.

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