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ProjectWise Is Evolving – Why Now?

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For the past 25 years, ProjectWise has been the industry’s best-in-class solution for delivering (engineering work in progress) infrastructure projects. It is the industry standard for our users’ most important projects, solving their unique design review, file management, and collaboration needs.

But civil infrastructure project design and delivery have become more complex. With evolving workforce trends, accelerated digital transformation, increasing client demands, environmental sustainability mandates, and dynamic supply challenges, our engineering consulting and asset owner customer bases need a solution to make their jobs easier across all projects. That’s why ProjectWise, powered by iTwin, is evolving.

A cornerstone of ProjectWise’s product evolution is augmenting file-based engineering work in progress to a data-centric approach. So, what does that mean? From subsurface and structural to reality mesh and GIS, civil infrastructure design projects have a myriad of interdependent engineering data from across multiple disciplines. Embracing a data-centric approach to project design delivery is about unlocking that data and information from file-based silos and disparate systems, bringing it all together into a digital twin – where the data is dynamic. A data-centric approach and digital twins allow for structural analysis, round-trip review, clash detection, and other critical processes. It’s an approach that allows engineers to design in the context of the entire project, perform advanced analysis (including AI/ML) that are not possible with data in silos, and mobilize data across the entire project lifecycle. 

Unlike other solutions on the market, ProjectWise, powered by iTwin, enables engineering consulting firms and asset owner-operators to make the most of what they have, without starting over. They can easily use existing models and workflows from past projects to realize new benefits. If our customers want to take their project design and delivery capabilities to the next level, they can leverage the capabilities of iTwin capture to easily create engineering-ready 3D models for future infrastructure enhancement projects on existing assets. 

ProjectWise, powered by iTwin, focuses on unleashing the power of data across the enterprise to drive digital delivery, capitalize on portfolio intelligence, extend data governance, and enhance engineering work in progress. Whether it’s an engineering consulting firm wanting to differentiate itself from the competition or an asset owner needing to manage multi-discipline design reviews, ProjectWise, powered by iTwin, provides the capabilities to improve deliverable quality, enhance project collaboration, and meet the world’s growing need for sustainable infrastructure.  

If you want to learn more about how ProjectWise is evolving, I encourage you to register for an upcoming webinar that I will be hosting, “Unlock the Power of ProjectWise, powered by iTwin: A Comprehensive Overview of the Latest Enhancements” I hope you can join me. 

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