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Big Service for Small Firms: Virtuoso Subscription

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Bentley Systems, Incorporated launched Virtuosity, a Bentley Company, to accommodate small and mid-size firms that need Bentley’s world-class design and engineering solutions but are better suited to a different model for licensing, training, and support. While Bentley Systems focuses on enterprise organizations and their software and service needs, Virtuosity, focuses on the smaller firms that require the same software via a Virtuoso Subscription which bundles a practitioner license with “Keys” or credits that can be redeemed for expert services, consulting, and tailored training.

“Small design and engineering firms are a lot like large firms, because they’re both doing the same kind of highly-skilled work on a variety of infrastructure projects for public and private clients with similar demands and needs,” says Allan Murphy, CEO, Virtuosity and VP at Bentley Systems. “However, when it comes to the use of design software, it’s a different animal and requires more flexible purchasing and licensing options.”

Company Size is a Factor in Software Purchasing

Big Win for Small Business

Small firms are often resource-strapped and may not be able to dedicate headcount to specialized roles. Often the employees wear multiple hats including business development, designer or engineer, and team leader.

“That’s why it was so critical that customizable training and mentoring services were included in the new subscription model”, says Murphy. “The new offering allows businesses to quickly get up and running on revenue-generating projects by limiting training ‘downtime’.” The ability to customize the training based on workers unique skills and technical gaps means design and engineering teams are not hemmed in by one-size-fits-all training curriculum.

Teams can choose from a variety of topics including design, analysis, and modeling techniques and can also get mentoring for simulation strategies, or help brainstorming new ideas to improve their workflows. The service offerings are not limited to software training. Owners also benefit from Bentley experts who understand their business challenges and can advise on business and project strategies.

Every software purchase comes with “Keys”, or credits, that can be redeemed for training and consulting services. Additional keys can be purchased “a la carte” to augment staff training or project consultations throughout the term of the subscription.

What Users are Saying about the Value of the Virtuoso Subscription

Vahid Walker, a chartered mechanical and marine engineer in England, is the founder and technical director of a small, highly-specialized marine engineering firm, Walker Subsea Engineering. Mr. Walker is a good example of a small business owner who needed a better solution when it came to acquiring design software. “I took on a project involving the recovery of a 300-ton monopile (marine foundation) in 45-meter water, to be loaded onto a ship for transport,” he explains. “For this one part of this one project—analyzing the suitability of the ship, structurally, for a 300-ton load—I needed a finite element analysis and design option… but everything I looked at was too expensive for such limited use.”

Bentley’s STAAD.Pro was definitely on Walker’s short list. Fortunately, when Walker was doing research, he learned about Virtuosity’s practitioner license, which “makes it reasonable to purchase the exact design tool I needed.”

The new practitioner or “named” license is a 12-month term that offers small firms a way to scale up when they win new business with lower up-front costs and without a long-term commitment.

SYNCHRO_ChilePedro Barahona launched his 4D consultancy company in the middle of a pandemic and a global crisis. His company was born from the need of construction companies, in Chile, to adopt digital tools for their business processes. “Virtuosity has been a valuable partner since the beginning. We work together, hand by hand, looking for ways to support customers during the implementation and adoption of services using Bentley’s SYNCHRO 4D,” said Barahona. “In addition to the technical support and training I receive from Virtuosity, they are also very responsive to any concerns that I have. Our company’s goal is to be a leader in the digital transformation of the construction industry, in Chile, by leveraging SYNCHRO 4D as the primary tool for our clients. There is no doubt that this is the beginning of a long journey with Virtuosity.”


Best-in-Class Solutions, Sold Differently

Virtuosity sells a wide range of Bentley’s design and engineering software and cloud services like MicroStation, OpenRoads, OpenBuildings, OpenFlows, AutoPIPE, ContextCapture, LEGION, PLAXIS, STAAD, and iTwin Design Review, among others.

Virtuosity has also launched various software bundles to help make products that are commonly used together more affordable. These exclusive packages are specifically built for small and medium businesses to jump start projects:

Every software purchase sold through Virtuosity.com comes exclusively as a Virtuoso Subscription.

Abby Crockett, the owner of Ascend Consulting & Engineering, PLCC, attests to the value of the new offering:

“Virtuosity’s practitioner license offered my small engineering firm a simple, cost-effective solution to utilize the latest structural analysis software to provide quality project deliverables as efficiently as possible. As added bonuses, there are expert services available to keep me informed about new technologies as well as online training opportunities to help me further maximize my software investment.”

The new practitioner or “named” license is a 12-month term that offers small firms a way to scale up when they win new business with lower up-front costs and without a long-term commitment.

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