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“Keys” to Success: Get the most out of your software investment

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It’s important to know the ins and outs of the software you are using quickly so that you get the most out of your investment. When training is not included with the software license, costs can start adding up, and you risk being left with software that you may not be using to its full potential.  Without training, it’s likely that you will be missing out on some great insider tips and tricks that are real time-savers. So, what are the “Keys” to success?

Expert services and tailored training, when and where you need it.

At Virtuosity, we understand how important it is to get the most out of every working moment. You need to limit downtime, and use each software application to its fullest potential.  There is just no time to spare. That’s why every software purchase through Virtuosity comes as a bundle with “Keys” or training credits to ensure you get the training and expert services you need to get started right away. We call this bundle the Virtuoso Subscription

Each practitioner license comes with a number of “Keys” and you can always purchase additional Keys/training credits as you go. 

There is a menu of expert services and training options that you can redeem your “Keys” for:


(Training Credits)


Recorded online sessions

OnDemand trainings are self-paced training sessions developed by Bentley Experts. Once purchased, you will receive credentials to log in Virtuosity LMS. This course will be assigned for 90 days and on completion of the course the user will get ‘Certificate of Attendance’ automatically.

1 key

2-8 hours

Customized training

With tailored training, you can set your own agenda for training and get something to suit your specific requirements. Engage 1:1 with Virtuosity Expert based on tailored training requirement. The Keys will remain valid for one year.

1 key

2 hours

Virtuosity’s 12-month software licenses are affordable and come with training

Here’s how it works:
No matter what software you buy through Virtuosity.bentley.com you automatically get what we call a Virtuoso Subscription.

The Virtuoso Subscription includes your software, plus expert services!

The practitioner license offered through Virtuosity is a 12-month software license for a named user and can be transferred on occasion from person to person. This licensing model offers flexibility, affordability, and eliminates unexpected licensing costs.

Every license includes “Keys”, or credits that can be redeemed for expert services. Options include consulting, mentoring, customized instruction, one-to-one mentoring and/or on-demand learning on topics such as design, analysis and modeling techniques, simulation strategies, or even ways to improve your workflows.

Engineering and construction firms are finding that Virtuoso Subscriptions provide the cost certainty that’s often lacking in other licensing programs, with an expert service and educational component that is vital to ensuring productivity, efficiency, and a quick return on investment.

Check out the shop on Virtuosity.com

Video: Virtuosity Keys | Credits for expert services, tailored training, consulting or mentoring

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