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I’ve read a lot of papers about water loss reduction. Two concepts that show up frequently are Minimum Nighttime Flow (MNF) and District Metered Areas (DMA). DMAs are areas in the distribution system that can be isolated such that all...

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by Tom Walski

OpenBridge Designer, OpenSite Designer, and OpenRoads Designer form a trio of Bentley Systems’ leading purpose-built software. These individual applications are part of Civil WorkSuite, a collective solution that address bridge, site, and roadway civil projects–supporting workflows in a unique way...

by Fishomi King

First of all, we need to forget about the word “exactly” in the title. When dealing with turbulent flow in water and wastewater systems, there is no theoretically perfect equation for head loss. All turbulent flow head loss equations for...

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by Tom Walski

Modeling Shotcrete and Cable Bolts: Comparison of FLAC2D and PLAXIS 2D The 2D excavation analysis of a tunnel in a rock mass is explored in this article and some elements of comparison with an identical analysis run in FLAC2D geotechnical...

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by Bentley Expert

No, I’m not talking about the water that your utility provides to your house through your facet (in addition to providing you with fire protection in most cases). I’m talking about the water you buy in the form of plastic...

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by Tom Walski

Im Jahr 2024 werden SYNCHRO 4D von Bentley und Navisworks von Autodesk die beiden wichtigsten Softwarelösungen für Profis im Bereich des virtuellen Designs und der Konstruktion sein. In einer sich schnell entwickelnden Welt der Bautechnologie ist es für Unternehmen heute...

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by Kamil Łażeński

CAD Manager's guide to a smooth CAD transition with tips on determining the right software, transitioning to MicroStation, and preparing for change....
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by April Reed

We have made significant improvements to OpenFlows. The introduction of the new 2D solver allows for a more comprehensive analysis of urban flooding models, integrating both 1D and 2D analyses.

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by Julio Issao

One of my favorite topics is the history of modeling. I talk about it whenever I can find someone who is willing to listen. Bentley’s podcast series, “Future of Intelligent Water Infrastructure Series,” gives me such an opportunity. I just...

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by Tom Walski