Key Benefits for Structural Engineers

Tower owners, operators, and engineers all want the structural analysis of telecom towers to be more accurate, easier, safer, faster, and more cost effective.

Engineers can use scenario analysis to substantially improve efficiency and accuracy with reliable output in several key areas:

  • Analyze different parameters and scenarios all at once to save time.
  • Select a range of conditions for the design, load generation, and analysis using just a few clicks. This can save hours of work by identifying various scenarios while visually showing an accurate output.
  • Generate and preserve the history of design changes without duplicating data. As a result, an enormous amount of data storage can be eliminated, ensuring high-fidelity data and reduction of costs.
  • Using one model file for analysis parameters and scenarios serves as a single source of truth, mitigating uncertainty and inconsistencies.

Scenario analysis enables engineers to deliver projects faster with more confidence. The massive time savings, combined with mitigating inconsistencies and eliminating excessive data storage, can significantly reduce costs.

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