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One Click to Easier Model Views in AutoPIPE

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Industrial pipelines against a clear sky.
Industrial pipelines against a clear sky.


Working with a pipeline design software can be challenging, but we provide you with tips so you can easily model views in AutoPIPE.

Would you like to learn a cool hack for your AutoPIPE workflow?

In AutoPIPE , there are some often overlooked View and Show ribbon tabs that can really help you save time when performing common views like zoom, pan, rotate, and view angles.

AutoPIPE Ribbon Display Mode Tab

Display Mode

AutoPIPE pipe stress analysis and design software includes three display mode buttons on the View ribbon tab: Single Line View, Wire-Frame View, and Solid Model View.

AutoPIPE Display Mode

AutoPIPE Single Line View

Single Line View

AutoPIPE Wire Frame View

Wire-Frame View

AutoPIPE Solid Model View

Solid Model View


View your model in one of three viewports from the View ribbon tab. You can split your modeling area into one, two, or four viewports by selecting the Single Viewport, Double Viewports, or Quad Viewports options.

AutoPIPE View Ports

AutoPIPE Wire Frame View

Single Viewport

AutoPIPE Double Viewport

Double Viewports

AutoPIPE Quad Viewports

Quad Viewports

Show Options

Take advantage of a variety of Show Options from the Show ribbon tab, such as:

  • Pipe Properties
  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Additional Weights
  • Concentrated Forces
  • Imposed Displacements
  • Thermal Anchor Movements
  • Valve Data
  • Flange Data
  • Tee Data
  • Soil Properties
  • Length
  • Reference Points
  • Joint Type
  • User SIF Data

AutoPIPE Show Options

AutoPIPE Show Options color plots

AutoPIPE Show Options

Show Insulation

Select the Show Insulation button from the Show ribbon tab to visualize the insulation on any piping in the model and apply transparency.

AutoPIPE Show Insulation Ribbon

AutoPIPE Show Insulation

AutoPIPE Show Insulation colors

Measure Distance

AutoPIPE provides a Measure Distance button from the Tools ribbon tab. The graphical distance calculator helps you analyze distances and clearances between pipes and structures.

AutoPIPE Measure Distance Ribbon

AutoPIPE Measure Distance

Read more about useful model viewing options on our Bentley Communities page.

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