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Communication Tower Design: It’s the Full Lifecycle You Need to Consider

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With the ever-increasing demand for data and 5G technology accommodation, tower owners and engineers must constantly design, modify, update, adjust and maintain communications towers for maximum efficiency and provide complete visibility for stakeholders and decision making. To keep up with the demand, tower engineers and operators need to rely on applications that can fully integrate the lifecycle of a communication tower to ensure seamless, cost-effective operation.

With that in mind, we are going to explain how Bentley’s purpose-built OpenTower applications transform tower engineering and management throughout the entire tower lifecycle from planning, analysis, and visualization, to inspection and stakeholder collaboration.

Tower LifeCycle graphic

Graphic: Tower LifeCycle


OpenTower can perform even  the most advanced analytics. By seamlessly integrating with your asset system, OpenTower encompasses precision modeling, modification layers, multiple scenarios, foundation checks, and connection design.


Current engineering data for telecom assets are only available in 2D and the reality models captured through drones lack context. But with OpenTower’s state-of-the-art precision graphics, you can now work with a 3D digital design. Watch the video and discover how can you visualize your data with OpenTower to get a true picture of your design in reality.


Due to regulatory requirements, telecom towers must be inspected periodically. The current process is time consuming, unsafe and expensive. That is where OpenTower iQ (TowerSight) comes into play. Bentey’s iTwin platform has revolutionized this workflow, applying machine learning and artificial intelligence on high fidelity reality models.


Planning is a critical step in tower lifecycle management, and space availability is information tower owners want at their fingertips. OpenTower offers comprehensive tools to mimic telecom tower planning steps. By combining tools with built-in predictive analysis, planners are empowered to assess space availability in 3D. By adding or removing different equipment on a tower to run different scenarios, planners can determine the optimum way to manage space.


Telecom tower owners want to consolidate and digitize their asset information. But the questions is, how can we create a collaborative environment for all parties involved? OpenTower’s cloud innovation enables seamless intradisciplinary collaboration resulting in one source of truth through data reconciliation. 


Meet Bentley’s purpose-built communication tower design software! OpenTower offers a full lifecycle solution to analyze, visualize, inspect, plan, and collaborate with a digital twin to make it easy to modify existing towers and maintain accurate models. Find out how you can design and analyze complex communications towers with confidence with a fully integrated workflow now.

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