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How Geotechnical Engineering Limited Streamlined Site Investigation with OpenGround

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How a cloud ecosystem increased collaboration and accelerated delivery of high-quality data and logs to clients

England-based Geotechnical Engineering Limited has provided ground-investigation services since 1961. The civil engineering company delivers a comprehensive range of site investigation services to a broad variety of markets, including transportation, construction, renewable energy, utilities, and the environmental sector. The organization continuously invests in research and development, effectively differentiating themselves from their competition while striving to offer clients the best possible services and products.

Geotechnical Engineering Limited has relied on Bentley Systems’ gINT® software for more than 20 years. The solution was instrumental in producing borehole logs and AGS data. However, they realized that the desktop approach had limitations when it came to efficient collaboration between the team and the client.

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Read the case study to see how Geotechnical Engineering Limited achieved the following results by moving from gINT to OpenGround:

  • Over an hour saved each day and reduced errors in data collection
  • Faster delivery of data and logs
  • Improved relationships with clients
  • Increased ability to make data-informed decisions

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