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Double Gusseted Plate in STAAD.Pro Physical Modeler

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Double Gusseted Plate in STAAD


Double gusseted plate in STAAD.Pro physical modeler is modelled as finite element. The gusseted plate modelled in STAAD.Pro physical modeler will capture the contribution of the joint stiffness and the structural response at the member ends. Double gusseted plate at the steel structure increases the moment resisting capacity at the joint.

Double Gusseted Plate in STAAD
Double gusseted plate in SPPM

Procedure of double gusseted plate modelling in STAAD.Pro Physical modeler

  • Firstly, create the geometry of the double angle gusseted plate in SPPM. The geometry includes members, surface and the circular opening as shown in the video below.
  • Secondly, transfer the physical model to analytical modelling after generating the model.
  • Next, add properties to the structure in the analytical modeler and repeat the gusset plate in opposite direction using translation repeat.
  • To account for the stiffness of the gusseted plates, define master nodes at each location as demonstrated in the video.
  • Finally, add proper support and load to the structure. The plate stress contours of the double gusseted plate is generated by analyzing the structure.

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