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ContextCapture now has machine learning capabilities and more

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Available now, you can take advantage of ContextCapture Update 18 to improve your workflows and add value to your datasets.

Increased robustness and scalability to speed up your projects

  • Leverage the new aerotriangulation engine to improve results for critical configurations like telecom towers, corridors, etc.
  • Manage your projects with the new job prioritymanagement tool and 5 different priority levels


  • Import your reality mesh directly into Supermap GIS software with the new Supermap S3M export format
  • Work more efficiently with user interface improvements
    • New icon to differentiate tie points and survey points
    • Survey point names and scan names now displayed in 3D view
    • Thermal and resolution measurements on meshes now displayed in 3D view

Machine learning capabilities now in ContextCapture

ContextInsights detection capabilities using machine learning are now integrated in ContextCapture (requires ongoing ContextCapture subscription or SELECT contract).

Our ContextInsights detection capabilities utilize AI technology to aggregate intelligence to current deliverables. With ContextInsights, automate your process and cost-effectively replicate the analysis of your reality data as often as necessary:


  • Save time with detection capabilities and utilize our detector library fitting various applications to locate objects or regions of interest in your scene
  • Speed up digitization work by automatically generating classified point clouds and individual regular objects to serve asset inventory
  • Generate thematic shape files overlaying usual RGB orthophotos and represent ground occupation

Please note that a current Virtuoso Subscription or SELECT contract is required. If you are a current user of ContextCapture, you can download Update 18 now.

Not yet a ContextCapture user?
Check out our Reality Modeling WorkSuite for more information on ContextCapture and other Bentley reality modeling software.

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