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Seismic Mass Modeler in STAAD CONNECT Edition

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This content is intended to give a quick tour on how to generate the MASS modeling for seismic analysis. 

For a model that needs to have the static seismic as well as the response spectrum defined (mainly for the base shear comparison and scaling up the response quantities by “base shear due from static seismic” / “base shear due from response spectrum”), one must manually define the seismic weight and the mass modeling for both static seismic and response spectrum respectively. Unfortunately, this procedure can be very time-consuming if the model is large as the inertial information is to be defined twice in two separate situations.

To ease this tedious procedure, an automated tool is included in STAAD CONNECT Edition which enables you to simply call the inertial load cases and generate the seismic weight for static seismic and mass modeling for response spectrum respectively in a single click.

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