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Key Success Factor of Your Structural Engineering Projects

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Has it ever occur to you that your structural engineering project is tight on time yet you are having doubt on your design? Even if you’ve got the best design tools at hand, you might find yourself asking questions like “Is my design safe? Is it reliable?”. We get it. As a structural engineer, you want to confidently deliver safe, compliant and cost-effective design on time, every time. 

The truth is, structural engineering projects, big or small, simple or complex, are all unique and demand specific set of skills and good understanding of your structural design/ analysis tools. It requires considerable time and available expertise. This is especially true if you want to use advanced structural software such as STAAD

In this blog, we are sharing some free structural engineering learning resources available at Virtuosity

Structural blog                                                                                          Image: Revit to STAAD

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Looking for something more specific?

You might still be wondering, but where can I get tailored training that is specific to my project requirement? Every project is unique and therefore the one-on-one advice/assistance from a field expert is invaluable and much needed. We understand that. Here is a perfect solution: 

Your software purchase through Virtuosity comes with extra training and mentoring services, so you can talk to a structural engineering expert whenever you need support. 

Virtuosity includes ‘Keys’ (much like tokens or training credits) with each purchase that can be used towards the expert services and any tailored-training you may need. Your software license is bundled with the Key to your project success – Expertise. You can choose from tailor-made training, on-demand learning, and mentoring services to get your engineering team up to speed.

You can also request your specific training services/ topic. Expert services include:

  • Mentoring:  Mentoring services on a per-hour basis ensure your team has the support needed for your projects: including design, analysis, and modeling techniques. Our mentoring services are offered by industry experts that have experienced and fully understand the day-to-day challenges your team faces when delivering projects.
  • Personalized training:  Personalized training according to your requirements. Virtuosity’s customized training allows you to set the agenda and select the content to accelerate your team’s learning.

Not an existing user with us but want to learn the software option that comes with expert services? Don’t hesitate to contact our structural experts. We are happy to discuss the options.

Learn more about STAAD/ RAM with Virtuosity:

Want to learn all about structural engineering from Bentley’s thought leadership team? Read their blogs here.  

For the price and the amount of Keys included in STAAD/ RAM Virtuoso Subscription, please visit this page.

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