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How to Accelerate Transport Model Workflows with EMME Flow

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“EMME Flow is a game changer – it unlocks more of the software in less of the time and avoids extensive and costly training programs in Python and other programming languages. Even non-modellers can now get their hands on the tool.” 

David Warner, Transport for London

Code-Friendly AND Code-Free

EMME has always been code-friendly, but now it is also code-free! Code-free systems are rising in popularity and give users the ability to build transport model applications without ever writing a line of code. An intuitive, familiar drag and drop user interface (UI) and modular, reusable components enables users to easily create their application. 

EMME now includes Flow, a code-free automation system for easily assembling and running model workflows. Using Flow, anyone can quickly configure travel models and model workflows from EMME procedures using iteration, branching and expressions for control flow. Flow provides transparency and an easy interface for end-users while also allowing deep procedure customization, all without having to read or write code. 

A code-free “flowcharting” system has been one of the top requested features from users for years. To support the needs of our customers, it was imperative Flow met three areas of requirements.  

Firstly, EMME has always been code-friendly, and our top priority was to make sure that EMME supports comprehensive APIs to work with procedures, reporting, mapping and data access. With more agencies treating travel-models-as-code, the ability to revision and run model workflows entirely as scripts without having to necessarily open a UI is essential. Flow now brings deep workflow automation control to travel modelers who don’t want or otherwise don’t need to know Python. And even for those who do, it offers a convenient and transparent way to develop and share reusable model procedures that anyone can use. 

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