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Export a Model to OpenBuildings Energy Simulator

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We are constantly moving towards sustainable buildings that consume less yet provide greater occupant productivity, comfort and safety. Hence, it becomes extremely important to run energy simulations for our buildings.

For this reason, we have an energy simulation component within OpenBuildings Designer called OpenBuildings Energy Simulator.

Here, we will see how to transfer an OpenBuildings Designer model to OpenBuildings Energy Simulator using Analytical Space Model. Additionally, we will also mention some guidelines necessary to make this transfer seamless.


Step 1: Enclosed Volume

To begin, the primary aspect that you need to keep in mind while transferring a model from OpenBuildings Designer to OpenBuildings Energy Simulator is to make sure that the model is an enclosed volume. As an illustration it can be as simple as a rectangular space with four walls and a ceiling/roof whose ceiling height matches the height of the walls/bottom of the ceiling/roof.  Gaps and overlaps should be avoided.

Enclosed Model in OpenBuildings
An Enclosed Model

Step 2: Analytical Space Model Explorer

Subsequently, go to the Analysis tab in OpenBuildings Designer and click on Energy Analysis icon, this will launch the ASM Explorer. Here you can see a preview of your model and check for errors if any.
For example, if your model is not enclosed you will be shown an error message like “This building contains problem spaces”, you can expand the hierarchy to narrow down the error. The ASM Explorer has intuitive functions that will help you isolate individual elements or show missing boundaries.

Analytical Space Model
Analytical Space Model Explorer

Step 3: Export to Energy Simulator

After you have modified your model according to the suggestions in ASM Explorer you have to click on “Export” and save your file in order to open it. After saving the file you can open it in Energy Simulator.

Export Complete - OpenBuildings
Export Completed

Step 4 – ASM Energy Settings and Validation

When you open the file in Energy Simulator you will see the ASM settings and validation dialog box, you can review or change your settings in this dialog box and close it.
Now, you are ready to run the various calculations on your model in OpenBuildings Energy Simulator

ASM Validation
ASM Energy and Validation

OpenBuildings Designer to OpenBuildings Energy Simulator

Export to OpenBuildings Energy Simulator

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