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What’s New in MicroStation 2023?

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MicroStation 2023 is now launched and available for download!

MicroStation 2023 is packed with new features, improved workflows, and several user experience enhancements, with focuses on a new access to geospatial features and maps, issue resolution improvements, increased data reporting, and user experience upgrades. 

What’s new in MicroStation 2023:

Geospatial Enhancements

The new Geospatial Context Workflow introduces a ribbon and tools that allow you to easily incorporate geospatial context into your designs. This feature directly integrates with Esri ArcGIS™ REST Map and Feature Service, providing access to geospatial information such as utilities, underground piping, soil types, urban planning, and streets. With these geospatial enhancements, you will receive better geospatial integration, time savings, improved visualization, precise location of design projects, enhanced collaboration with your team and stakeholders.

  • Esri ArcGIS™ REST Feature Service Integration: The direct integration with the Esri ArcGIS REST Feature Service enables you to access geospatial data available on the web without relying on intermediate formats like shapefiles. This integration saves time and makes it easier to incorporate contextual data into design projects. 
  • Esri ArcGIS™ REST Map Service Integration: The integration with the Esri ArcGIS REST Map Service allows you to directly access geospatial data available on the web and display maps as they were created in Esri’s environment. This integration seamlessly incorporates Esri ArcGIS maps into MicroStation through Raster Manager. The feature offers improved access to Esri ArcGIS capabilities, saving time within the design workflow. 
  • Bing Maps Enhancements: This feature saves you time by giving you access to the Assign Background Map tool available in the ribbon. You can easily apply background map settings to multiple views using this new tool.


Usability Enhancements

Usability and the overall user experience in MicroStation is a key focus for our team.  

  • Quickly access the PopSet toggle from the Ribbon to save time and increase productivity. The Popset toggle is now in the Ribbon (Home > Primary) and in the Quick Access Toolbar.  
  • ESC “escape” key exits the command setting for DWG files, which helps increase productivity for users more familiar with DWG workflow.
  • Issue Resolution Service enhancements add improved usability by adding element markers and the fit view control.   
  • Easily control the display of Text Field background with a setting in the View Attributes dialog.

Performance Improvements

A new setting in the Properties Dialog allows you to control the maximum number of elements displayed, improving performance when selecting multiple elements.

3D Productivity Enhancements

Improve productivity with the ability to select the attributes of cut profile while creating a cut feature on a solid.

MicroStation 2023 continues with the modern workflows and configurations of the MicroStation CONNECT Edition generation of products. This is the first major release adopting the new naming convention and the new version support lifecycle as per the Bentley Fixed Lifecycle Policy. MicroStation 2023 and subsequent major versions will be released on an annual cadence and supported (at least) until the end of the calendar year, three (3) years after the original release date, enabling the users to better plan for major version upgrades while staying current with security and performance updates. To learn more about the Bentley Fixed Lifecycle Policy, please visit Bentley Lifecycle Policy.

If you already have a previous version of MicroStation on your machine, MicroStation 2023 will install as a separate application. Side-by-side Installation allows you to adopt MicroStation 2023 without upgrading your current installation of MicroStation CONNECT Edition mid-project. For more information regarding configurations, please refer to the Side-by-side Installation wiki and Documentation.

You can also find What’s New in MicroStation 2023 in our latest video here


Infrastructure is ever evolving, MicroStation keeps up.

Are you looking for a new CAD software that enables you to create faster, better drawings and designs for your projects and client needs? Upgrade your CAD Software to MicroStation today.

Are you a current MicroStation user looking to update to the newest version? Users can learn more information about the updated features here.

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