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Building Information Modeling Improves Communication and BIM Collaboration on Building Design Projects

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Architectural and design firms are only as good as their last mistake. Maintaining your company’s reputation is critical. We understand that you are under tremendous pressure to deliver on-time and error-free designs to your clients. Seamless collaboration is one of the requirements for successful project delivery. How can you ensure good team collaboration among cross-functional teams and across geographical boundaries? Exchanging in-progress design information between wider teams in concurrent iterations is no simple task! The failure to do so may lead to poor collaboration, eventually resulting in reduced team momentum, missed project deadlines, and in the worst scenario, loss of business. Decoding the pathway to seamless team collaboration can help your business run like a well-oiled machine.

How can you achieve this key business imperative? Check out OpenBuildings Designer.

Harnessing the Power of BIM to Enhance Team Collaboration

It can be intimidating to consider adding new technology to your workflow. You may wonder, “How will my team and I have the time to learn new software?” or “How can I afford it?”

OpenBuildings Designer answers all these questions. This all-in-one building design software is your key to easily improving collaboration within your team. OpenBuildings Designer is affordable and provides a unified data model that enables multidisciplinary teams of any size to work on models simultaneously, regardless of their geographic locations. This enables truly integrated project delivery.

With OpenBuildings Designer, your team can:

  • Collaborate remotely and develop digital models and documents for your projects
  • Edit model information interactively and synchronize changes in real-time to improve collaboration among teams
  • Prepare deliverables and share project data in different file formats (IFC, DWG/DWF, gbXML, SKP (SketchUp), Rhino, etc.)
  • Produce cost estimates based directly on the intelligent business data from the digital models shared by your project participants

Reimagine Coordination and Multi-discipline BIM Collaboration with OpenBuildings Designer

Cut Rework, Leading to Significant Time and Cost Savings

The collaborative workflows in OpenBuildings Designer ensure all team members can easily access their models and make informed design decisions collectively. Without the need for external applications, clashes between design elements can be identified, flagged, and any potential issues can be resolved at the earliest stages of design development. This ensures the assets are spatially coordinated to minimize risk and avoid costly rework during construction delivery.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction with BIM Collaboration Software

Clients demand faster and more accurate answers than ever before. Better workforce coordination and collaboration can minimize project errors and bring ”truth” to a design while still in its early stages – a priceless experience for customers that leads to improved trust and loyalty. OpenBuildings Designer can help you create stronger relationships with your clients.

Teamwork Made Easy with OpenBuildings Designer, the BIM Collaboration Software

Want to learn more about OpenBuildings Designer? Watch this short video to learn how this all-in-one building design software can help enhance collaboration across multidiscipline, geographically dispersed teams.

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