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Success Story | DCO Albany Green Energy Biomass Project

STAAD and AutoPIPE used in wood-fired renewable power facility for Procter & Gamble

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ESI Inc. of Tennessee / DCO Albany Green Energy Biomass Project
albany / georgia
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The DCO Albany Green Energy Biomass Project is a 50 megawatt, wood-fired renewable power facility capable of generating 425,000 pounds of steam per hour and is primarily used to supply Procter & Gamble with renewable energy. ESI of Tennessee (ESI) is designing and building this USD 200 million facility consisting of a biomass boiler, a condensing steam turbine generator, and a condenser.

This project was a nominee in the Power Generation category of the 2016 Year in Infrastructure Awards, now known as the Going Digital Awards in Infrastructure.


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Structural and stress analyses were key to the facility’s design. ESI used STAAD.Pro to analyze the 2,400 tons of structural components in the largest boiler, 

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They also used AutoPIPE to test the stresses of high pressure and heat on the pipe system. STAAD.Pro and AutoPIPE saved ESI a combined 700 resource hours on the project.

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