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Hevacomp Capabilities on OpenBuildings Energy Simulator

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Hevacomp using OpenBuildings Energy Simulator


OpenBuildings Designer, Bentley’s multidisciplinary BIM software that aggregates architectural, structural, electrical, and Mechanical design has recently incorporated Hevacomp capabilities. OpenBuildings Energy Simulator – will be available to every OpenBuildings Designer license holder.

While Hevacomp workflows can often be segmented, OpenBuildings Energy Simulator enables a more effective approach where the relevant data is easily accessible due to its modernized interface and workflows are arranged in a more formulaic manner. The Ribbon bar, for instance, groups all relevant tools required for each aspect of the building model.

Additionally, the Project tree makes building properties, room properties, and each surface directly accessible. This should make the learning curve comparatively slight, especially for Hevacomp users.

Some of the new features and improvements can be seen below:

Conceptual model for simple, quick, early-stage design analysis of potential options such as building geometry, orientation, materials.

OB - engery modeling

New ribbon bar: Much more intuitive now, tools organized into their own clear categories.

Modernised intuituve layout

Project tree: Contains all building data, and a breakdown of individual rooms – properties are directly accessible.

OB - engery modeling

CAD input: Multiple file formats are supported, allowing the leverage of existing building model data.

OB- CAD input

Some familiar aspects and menus from Hevacomp and where they are now in Energy Simulator:

OB- room properties

OB- Obes

OB- Room surface

Application vs Project – gives the ability to customize data for use in all other projects, or for the current project only.

OB- data managers

Same workflow as with Hevacomp:

  • Constructions built up by assembling layer of materials
  • Thermal properties calculated automatically
  • Application and Project
  • Condensation and Thermal Storage calculations available as standard

OB- Fabric materials manager

OB - Weather Data

Calculations: Easy and intuitive ribbon bar with prescriptive calculations, steady-state calculations, and reports.

OB- calculations

OB - Calculation Formilae

Importing projects from Hevacomp: Easy to import design database projects.

OB - Hevacomp

New capability: Conceptual Modelling

  • Conduct conceptual analysis prior to design
  • Set the location and create basic geometry
  • Easily specify building parameters
  • Simulate your building for preliminary design
  • Compare results of building modifications

OB - New capabilities

Daylighting simulations:

  • Run complex daylight simulations
  • Add viewpoints to visualize daylight levels
  • Calculate daylight factors
  • Produce 3D rendered images of room lighting conditions
  • Contour views to visualize lux levels

OB- Daylighting

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