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Success Story | Smart and Green Design and Project Management Services for 12 Hi-Tech IT Parks

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Detailed Design, Tendering and Project Management Services for the Establishment of 12 Hi-Tech IT Parks


Smart Campus Project

As part of the Digital Bangladesh 2020 government initiative, high-tech IT parks are being developed as smart, green campuses in 12 different Bangladesh districts, facilitating economic and social growth. Voyants Solutions was responsible for conceptual design of the project prototype through to commissioning and client handover. With topography, space, and climate variations across the multiple locations, the USD 193 million project presented numerous challenges in designing an iconic sustainable structure suitable to the different environments.

To accommodate the site variables and develop a conceptual design that blended modernity with tradition on a very short timeline, Voyants needed an integrated digital modeling solution.


Voyants created a broad 3D model using flexible modeling and analysis applications. The proposed design concept was based on the water lily, the national flower of Bangladesh, with a curvilinear building structure and connecting walkways, skywalks, and plazas throughout the campus.

The team conducted geotechnical investigations to define site boundaries at each of the 12 locations and used 3D structural analysis and design software for the complex geometric framing to address the varying site factors affecting structural stability. Voyants facilitated the integration of architectural and engineering elements during detailed design and provided 3D visualization using BIM software.

Smart Campus Design of Hi-Tech IT Parks Image: Courtesy of Voyants Solutions Private Limited


Using flexible 3D modeling applications, Voyants optimized design coordination to submit the schematic design 15 days early, saving 50% in design time with 60% less resources, and achieving a return on investment five times the initial capital outlay. Working with open modeling and analysis applications simplified design modifications, enabling the design to be fully analyzed within five days by one engineer.

The interoperable software facilitated the generation of animated renderings from the 3D models within three to four days. The iconic design provides readily available, smart infrastructure with full amenities for local and global companies in a 100% sustainable environment.

Green Campus Design of Hi-Tech IT ParksImage: Courtesy of Voyants Solutions Private Limited


The project team established a digital workflow beginning with GIS software and OpenRoads to determine optimal placement and development of the building base at each site. STAAD facilitated model replication and analysis of the structural framing within three different earthquake zones.

The interoperability of OpenBuildings Designer enabled 3D visualization and integration and of component models developed using Bentley and third-party software. LumenRT helped generate animated interactive walkthroughs to help on-site construction teams understand design intent. The flexible 3D BIM models will further facilitate digital construction planning, monitoring, and cost analysis.

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  • Voyants used Bentley’s integrated 3D BIM technology to develop an iconic, sustainable conceptual design for high-tech smart campuses across 12 different locations in Bangladesh.
  • Establishing digital workflows using Bentley’s interoperable technology helped deliver the project within 120 days, compared to 210 days using conventional methods.
  • STAAD and OpenBuildings Designer simplified data transfer and changes to the complex building form, reducing design time by 50% to achieve a return on investment five times the initial capital outlay.
  • The newly developed IT parks will promote socio-economic growth in eight Bangladesh regions, establishing new hubs for foreign investment and the information and communications technology industry.


“Iconic designs are expressions generated from innovative minds and tools. Bentley software helped the ideas to take shape and create the structures, helping architectural visualization come to fruition. Bentley is truly advancing infrastructure.”

Upendar Rao Kollu
Managing Director
Voyants Solutions Private Limited

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