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Classifying Rigid Diaphragms

Some diaphragms, such as concrete slabs, are very stiff compared to the stiffness of the frames; the in-plane deformation of the diaphragm is negligible compared to the horizontal deflections of the frames.

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Update Existing Structural Elements to ProStructures Elements

One of the most prominent upgrades in OpenBuildings Designer CONNECT Edition Update 7 is the integration of ProStructural Elements within the Structural Discipline. These next-generation Structural Elements enhance the Structural Capabilities of OpenBuildings Designer and as a result, advanced structural detailing and fabrication using ProStructures can become much easier. If you have a model where existing Legacy Structural Elements are present, there is no need to worry. OpenBuildings Designer CONNECT Edition Update 7 has a ‘Structural Element Upgrade Utility’ which easily converts the legacy Structural Model to Pro-Structure elements which makes them eligible to be used for further detailing. It is important to note that in OpenBuildings Designer CONNECT Edition Update 7, this upgrade is still optional but in future, this would become more necessary as the legacy support is phased out. Points to Note Some important points to note regarding upgradation of legacy structural elements: On opening a file containing legacy structural elements, the software detects their presence and the following window appears. You can choose to upgrade at the time of opening the file and click on ‘Next’. Alternatively, you can select Cancel and open the file as it is Structural Element Upgrade Utility If you have opened

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