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Realizing the Rewards of Digital Twins for Telecom Tower Industry

Due to the ever-increasing demand for data along with reliable connections, telecom owners are increasingly trying to digitize their workflow to accurately understand available spaces, estimate tower ratings for proposed loading, understand defects and more importantly updating their inventory with as-built information. The current process is manual, labor intensive, and expensive. As telecom infrastructure is now shared by multiple mobile network operators and as tower owners are adopting to 5G evolution, one major telecom company in India looked to its geospatial partner,

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Communication Tower Design: It’s the Full Lifecycle You Need to Consider

With the ever-increasing demand for data and 5G technology accommodation, tower owners and engineers must constantly design, modify, update, adjust and maintain communications towers for maximum efficiency and provide complete visibility for stakeholders and decision making. To keep up with the demand, tower engineers and operators need to rely on applications that can fully integrate the lifecycle of a communication tower to ensure seamless, cost-effective operation.

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