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What are OpenSite SITEOPS and OpenSite Designer?

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Modern skyscrapers with glass facades against a clear blue sky.
Modern skyscrapers with glass facades against a clear blue sky.


OpenSite is a conceptual, preliminary, and detailed design application created specifically for site design and land development. Known for its ability to identify constraints early, its automation to reduce manual work and risk, and its ability to generate multiple design alternatives with financial and project feasibility, OpenSite ensures you can make informed decisions in hours. 

Who uses OpenSite?

Because all infrastructure projects begin with a site, land development spans many industries. With this in mind, OpenSite was built with features and functions to benefit all land development stakeholders, including engineering consulting firms, architects, landscape architects, government agencies, and land developers.

What is the difference between OpenSite SITEOPS and OpenSite Designer?


(included with OpenSite Designer) is a conceptual site design software that evaluates more information in the early stages of a project, designs more efficiently, and minimizes site development costs.

Since SITEOPS is built using strong engineering principles to simplify work for users, you don’t have to be an engineer or CAD expert to use it. Its patented generative design capabilities solve incredibly complex engineering feats, comparing millions of layout, grading, and piping combinations for a site within just a few hours. Revisions are easy and can be done on the fly. For example, simply adjust a building’s location and watch as the software automatically redraws parking, driveways, islands, grading, stormwater piping, and dynamically generates cost estimates.

SITEOPS can be used to identify improved layout solutions and grading savings on sites from a single-acre retail parcel to distribution centers, shopping centers, schools, industrial projects, and mixed-use projects.

OpenSite Designer

A true site engineering software, OpenSite Designer includes a complete detailed design set of capabilities for rapid site modeling and analysis, earthwork optimization and quantification, drainage and underground utility design, and automated project deliverables. It allows users to take concepts to plan production, whether you need to produce traditional 2D deliverables, advance to 3D modeling, or support digital transformation. Plus OpenSite supports BIM, so it’s easy to integrate existing real-world conditions, work with a variety of disciplines and data types, and work with distributed teams.

Read OpenSite product data sheet for more details on capabilities

Why is OpenSite better than other civil site solutions?

Civil OpenSite OSD vs Other Solutions Infographic

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