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Success Story | National Salt Satyagraha Memorial

STAAD used to install 41 Solar Trees

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Sterling Engineering Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. / National Salt Satyagraha Memorial
Dandi, Gujarat, India
National Salt Satyagraha Memorial


An initiative of the Central Government of India and Central Public Works Department, the National Salt Satyagraha Memorial commemorates Gandhi’s 241-mile journey from Sabarmati to Dandi in 1930. The monument captures the spirit of the Dandi March with a 40-meter-tall A-frame tower holding a symbolic salt crystal made of 2.5 tons of glass.


Sterling Engineering Consultancy Services designed the stainless-steel frame and associated structures using Bentley’s STAAD and RCDC. Arriving at the most efficient shape for the monument significantly reduced material costs. Stainless steel was also used in the super-structures for 41 solar trees throughout the grounds. Each tree has 12 solar panels and is mounted on a reinforced cement concrete pedestal. Bentley software saved considerable resource hours by producing the necessary drawings.

This project was a nominee in the Structural Engineering category of the 2019 Year in Infrastructure Awards, now known as the Going Digital Awards in Infrastructure.

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