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Success Story | Biomass Combined Heat and Power Project

Integrated design saves 20% modeling time

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Hangzhou Bole Computer Technology Co., Ltd. / Biomass Combined Heat and Power Project
Zhejiang, China


Qingyuan County produces a large amount of bamboo and wood processing residue. Hangzhou Bole Computer Technology was tasked with implementing a comprehensive BIM design approach, including document and asset management for full lifecycle operation of a biomass direct combustion power generation facility in Pingdu, Qingyuan, Zhejiang, China. Once in operation, the plant will reduce Qingyuan County’s logging, bucking, and processing of residue waste and shoddy in the forestry area.


On this CNY 160 million project, the team used OpenPlant for 3D modeling, design, and component coding and adopted ProjectWise as the collaborative platform for document management. Bentley’s integrated design and workflow capabilities shortened modeling time by 20 percent and reduced loss of data and information by 10 percent. The use of AssetWise is expected to increase the efficiency and accuracy of asset management and reduce resource hours, saving an estimated CNY 1 million annually on the country’s first small and medium-sized intelligent digital power plant.


Biomass Combined Heat and Power Project
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Biomass Combined Heat and Power Project
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