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Perform Quick and Accurate Quantity Takeoffs with SYNCHRO 4D

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A screenshot of a construction project management software interface showing a 3d model of a building and a scheduling timeline.
A screenshot of a construction project management software interface showing a 3d model of a building and a scheduling timeline.


Quantity takeoffs are an essential part of construction, especially during the planning and tendering phases of a project. The process involves breaking down a construction project into smaller units so that the cost can be quantified more easily and accurately. However, many estimators are still finding the process very tedious and inaccurate…

Optimize Quantity Takeoff Processes to Save Time and Money

Traditional or conventional methods include reviewing multiple blueprints and 2D drawings, manually calculating the amount of materials from them to estimate the cost. This method is very laborious and error-prone, as the estimator must ensure that they do not double count or ignore any material. Quantity takeoff process is time consuming. To win one project, the construction company need to submit bids for multiple projects, so cost and time of quantity takeoff is significant. Since quantity takeoff is a mathematical exercise, professionals began employing the use of computers to do the work for them. With the technological advancements of 3D modeling, new and more efficient techniques have been used.

For example, building information modeling (BIM) software has enabled estimators to automate the process and reduce the number of errors. However, the accuracy of the estimation is only as good as the data that is in the BIM model. With so many different types of BIM software available in the market, it is paramount that the integrity of the BIM data is not lost when it is being transferred. Also, it is equally important for the software to break down BIM models into more constructible forms to give better estimations.

SYNCHRO 4D Keeps Project Teams Aligned at Every Project Phase

SYNCHRO is a complete portfolio of integrated software and services for digital construction management, including project and field management, document control, and planning.

SYNCHRO construction we, mobile ,cloudSYNCHRO Portfolio

Estimators and planners could break down design models into constructable components, calculate quantities in SYNCHRO Modeler, create schedule and 4D models in SYNCHRO 4D Pro reusing calculated quantities, view 4D models and collaborate with others in web-based SYNCHRO Control, and receive status updates from crews who could use SYNCHRO Field to access documentation, 3D and 4D models, report progress, and issues.

All users can access latest version and reuse previously captured data by other project participants. This way, all project team members have up-to-date information, can find information faster, and make better decisions.

Use SYNCHRO Control as a Data Management System

With SYNCHRO Control, design teams can store their design models with cloud services (it is browser-based) and share them with other stakeholders in a construction project. By leveraging Bentley’s iModel technology, third-party design files can be connected into iModels and opened in all SYNCHRO applications without any loss of information. All BIM information will be preserved in the cloud.

Cost Codes with SYNCHROCost Codes with SYNCHRO


Cost codes configuration is uploaded into SYNCHRO Control and the system automatically cross-checks for errors. Cost and work break down structure is available to all estimators in SYNCHRO Modeler as well. Users can open and review iModels in SYNCHRO Modeler without any worry of information being lost and take off the quantities.

Perform Quantity Takeoffs in Your Construction Projects with SYNCHRO Modeler

SYNCHRO Modeler is the main tool that will allow estimators to do quick and easy quantity take-offs. It allows users to split a model up into manageable pieces and assign cost codes accordingly. Cost codes could be assigned manually, or this process could be automated reducing quantity take off time to few days or even hours. By splitting models into more constructible components, it transforms design models into construction models, giving a more accurate representation of the construction process and the costs that come with it.

Splitting models with SYNCHRO ModelerSplitting models with SYNCHRO Modeler


Multiple slices can be performed on larger objects as well, speeding up the quantity takeoff process. All calculated quantities can then be easily exported to Microsoft Excel for further use in the bidding and planning stage of a construction project.

Slicing and dicing components with SYNCHRO ModelerSlicing and dicing components with SYNCHRO Modeler


SYNCHRO Construction Tools Proven to Save Teams Time and Money

Bentley’s SYNCHRO has the tools needed to help estimators get a quick idea of the cost of a construction project. Reports has shown that SYNCHRO allows construction companies to cut down the time needed to estimate projects from few months to just few hours. This decrease is important, especially during the bidding phase, whereby bidders only get limited time to bid for a typical design and build project. Getting a quick and accurate takeoff will help you in bidding accurately, bid, and win more projects.

Join our webinar “Learn How SYNCHRO 4D Helps You Bid & Plan for Construction Projects” to find out how SYNCHRO could help to reduce time and increase accuracy of quantity take off.

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