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OpenRoads Designer: A Future of Faster, Smarter Engineering

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Zuhair Almaghrabi, Bentley Accredited Road Modeler/Designer

Aerial view of a multi-level highway interchange with cars and trucks.
Aerial view of a multi-level highway interchange with cars and trucks.


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It’s no secret that the future of engineering is full of possibilities, but how can engineering companies make sure their talented teams have the right tools?

One way is through the adoption of more intuitive software.

As a relatively young transportation engineer, I’ve had the opportunity to use some legacy workflows such as MicroStation V8i SS4 with add-on programs such as InRoads and GeoPAK. These tools have some great features and functionality but require considerable experience before true expertise is realized.

User Friendly Automation

I’m a firm believer in solutions such as OpenRoads Designer, which is much more intuitive in comparison, especially for new engineers. I’ve been using it since 2019. What makes this solution stand out over legacy solutions is the automated features and functionality such as those associated with plan production, geometric controls, and civil cells, and even the search bar.

I’ve realized time savings from these automatic tools that allows for a more constant stream of thought throughout the design process. I don’t have to jump in and out of multiple programs and files.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of this technology is that the automation and intuitiveness helps me create smarter designs. It takes the human error out of a lot of calculations after the design is complete, making it a straightforward process to accurately calculate slopes, quantities, and geometric reports in just a few clicks.

Handle Large Datasets With Ease

That means we engineers do not have to waste time manually calculating deliverables on our own – we just need to apply the correct parameters and watch projects come together quickly and efficiently!

As a more advanced solution, OpenRoads Designer is also better equipped to handle today’s larger datasets that other CAD software programs simply can’t handle. That’s because it’s a data-based program instead of a file-based program, which typically requires users to limit the amount of data usage which means lowering quality.

OpenRoads Designer lets engineers use data as it was intended to be used in full fidelity. Give it a try and see if you see the difference like I have!


For more information about OpenRoads Designer’s user-friendly interface and cutting-edge technology capabilities, contact Ali Schrack, PE, Product Sales Engineer.

Do you have a roadway project and don’t know where to start? Or do you want to learn the basics of roadway design? Check out our OpenRoads Designer learning content below.


Zuhair began her engineering career in 2018 after graduating with her master’s degree in transportation engineering, with a minor in urban and regional planning from University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida. While she currently works for a professional services firm, she previously worked for the Florida Department of Transportation. She dedicated time to training with the help of Bentley System’s free accessible training, links shared in this article. She is also a Bentley Accredited Road Modeler/Designer with OpenRoads Designer.

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