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Hydraulic Modelers Use OpenFlows WaterGEMS to Improve Operational Efficiency for Water Networks

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How often have you found that the measured and observed pressures of the water distribution system do not match the outputs from the theoretic hydraulic model? It is vital for decision making and meeting high standards of service with minimal costs and disruption to be able to calibrate your model more easily to obtain trustworthy outputs. However, this can be a hard task without the proper tools! 

Do you frequently find yourself having to optimize the operation of a water distribution system with tight project delivery deadlines while simultaneously trying to keep your costs low?

Working with tools with inferior features, unintuitive and unfriendly Graphical User Interface GUI, and limited technical support makes it more difficult and time consuming to build, update, and maintain a hydraulic model.

So, why not opt for WaterGEMS to alleviate these issues? This is a solution that will make your job easier and faster! WaterGEMS has unmatched platform interoperability. Plus, it features an effective Scenario Management tool that helps simplify workflows, allowing you and your team to work more efficiently and smarter!

WaterGEMS will enable you to visualize and use the measured data to calibrate your model while making it easier and faster to find potential solutions for model calibration. Did you know that Virtuoso Subscriptions also help to keep costs down since they include one-on-one mentoring to accelerate the learning of your team?

Improving Operational Efficiency of Water Networks Is Easier with Bentley Design Solutions.

You can´t manage what you can´t measure! If your hydraulic model cannot reflect the observed behavior of the physical network, you can’t plan and take actions to optimize its operations (reduce energy costs, manage pressure, and manage and reduce water losses).

One of the highest operational costs incurred from water networks are related to energy and revenue losses, which correlate to water losses and other inefficiencies. These costs outline why it is crucial to be able to see and measure the discharge and pressure values of the existing system, as well as what will result from planned improvements.

That´s why you need a solution that will enable you to seamlessly use and visualize real-time and/or historical data of the water distribution system. To improve your analysis and decision-making capabilities, WaterGEMS leverages that data to improve your hydraulic model.

Calibrating a water distribution hydraulic model can be more complex than you think! Finding solutions by changing values and properties by trial and error is tedious, time consuming requires a lot of thought and planning to get the right results.

OpenFlows WaterGEMS features a set of built-in tools to help you! For instance, the Darwin Calibrator employs a, genetic algorithm search method that is well-suited to optimize problems of a non-convex and multiple local-optimal solution nature. With assistance of this built-in tool your team will be able to speed up the calibration process. Work smarter, not harder!

The SCADAConnect Simulator, another tool featured in WaterGEMS, can automatically load data from an external data source, such as a SCADA system, into Darwin Calibrator to assist in calibrating a model. This allows modelers to be more assertive in evaluating and determining hydraulic properties (pressures, flows, tank levels, water quality and energy) caused by simulated events, such as a fire, pipe break or shutdown, override any controls or demands.

Support Decision-Making & Reduce Operational Costs

One of the biggest operational expenditures (Opex) of water distribution systems lies in energy consumption. Utilities can increase operational efficiency, which reduces operational costs by decreasing the pump energy consumption and the Non-Revenue Water (NRW) due to leaks.

Another set of tools featured in WaterGEMS, the energy manager analysis, provides a way to combine energy use with peak demands. You can even calculate energy consumption of the system with complex tariffs for electric power modeling. This can be done using the Energy Management analysis by modeling multiple scenarios and multiple pumps associated with a power meter to display energy and peak demand cost based on pump, pump station, power meter, scenario, or system wide.

With WaterGEMS you don´t have use antiquated trial and error methods to optimize pump operations. Instead, you can use Darwin Scheduler to determine optimized solutions. Darwin Scheduler uses a genetic algorithm to control pumps to save and reduce energy costs.

If you are concerned about finding pipes that are underperforming, WaterGEMS enables you to accurately identify which system elements are out of service during an outage. You can also identify which pipes should be rehabilitated before they cause system disruptions using WaterGEMS’ built-in Criticality Analysis and Pipe Renewal Planer.

If analysis leads you to retrofitting or a complete overhaul of the system in order to improve the operational efficiency, WaterGEMS will also save you time and effort (read this blog to know more how to make water network designing easier with WaterGEMS).

With the support of WaterGEMS, you will be able to effectively master complex systems while accurately considering the Total Expenditure (TOTEX), which can be defined as the summation of capital expenditure and operating expenses (CAPEX + OPEX). This is critical in order to guarantee effectiveness for sustainable financial growth and quick returns on the huge investments made.

Optimize Your Water or Wastewater Network with Bentley Solutions

Every growing business strives to churn more out of what they have, and your business shouldn´t be different!

Instead of struggling with under-optimized tools that will consume endless hours of your valuable human resources just to properly evaluate all different scenarios and alternatives and even longer to review and find mistakes, why not consider WaterGEMS instead?

This is a proven and optimized solution that will reduce time and effort to plan, analyze and design efficient water networks! WaterGEMS provides an easy-to-use environment that will make these tasks easier and quicker so your team can focus on the most critical and important part of the design process: evaluating and deciding the best alternatives!

Additionally, the Keys that are included in every Virtuoso subscription, will grant you access to the training you need to get projects done more quickly and easily! With training tailored to your challenges and needs, you can use Bentley’s software to its fullest potential, and, therefore, make the most of your investment and every working hour.

WaterGEMS for Quick Hydraulic Modeling

Say goodbye to fruitless working hours spent manually calibrating your hydraulic model! WaterGEMS offers a unique and effective solution that will instrumentally improve your operational planning, reduce operational costs, and diminish inefficiencies while boosting the quality of your projects and deliverables!

Using WaterGEMS will enable your team to increase planning and analysis, capabilities, and assist in long-term decision-making. The world’s largest utilities and leading consultants have chosen WaterGEMS for maximizing their investments in water infrastructure built to last and perform!

Do you want to discover more about WaterGEMS and everything it offers? Contact our experts we will be very happy to understand your challenges and help you out!

• North America Contact – Mark Laurance, Product Sales Engineer, Mark.Laurance@bentley.com, +1 858 410 6860
• Latin America and Caribbean Contact – Julio Issao Kuwajima, Product Sales Engineer, julio.issao@bentley.com, +55 11 2823 2656

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