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Discover the Main Differences Between SYNCHRO and Navisworks

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Ruben Hernandez, Engineer, Architect

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I recently completed a project using SYNCHRO and want to share my findings on what I noticed are the main differences between SYNCHRO and Navisworks. Both are very powerful digital tools but depending on your project scope and needs… one is better suited to you than the other.

If you want to coordinate your models in the office and have a slight idea about the construction process, Navisworks works great.

However, if you want to manage the construction project on site with “real world information” provided by your contractors and customers… I highly recommend SYNCHRO 4D.

SYNCHRO 4D Pro has many tools and parameters that allow you to perform and execute construction processes, quicker and easier. It can be considered like a “machine of time”, where teams can view and track each task, find solutions quickly, and create 4D visualizations to share project information in a digital environment. This also gives teams all the insights to provide superior, professional customer service. In other words, Navisworks is to stay in office and SYNCHRO Pro is for both the office and the job site.

If you are curious for more… feel free to watch our video on a SYNCHRO 4D Pro construction process animation!

Detailed Product Comparison Video

If you’d like to watch a detailed video on the specific differences between Navisworks and SYNCHRO 4D Pro… please watch below:

And if you are still not convinced yet, there are many other tools included in the SYNCHRO 4D visa for improved collaboration on construction sites such as: SYNCHRO Control, SYNCHRO Field and SYNCHRO Cost.

Learn more about SYNCHRO Pro, Bentley’s 4D virtual design and construction software.

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