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Explore the innovative uses of RAM Concept in structural engineering, from retaining walls to pile foundations, enhancing designs beyond conventional software limits....

by Pietro Zini

In the ever-evolving structural engineering landscape, ensuring that the foundations of our designs stay strong is the only way to ensure lasting infrastructure. As the Canadian infrastructure and innovation landscape continues to strengthen, engineers are being challenged more than ever...

Shyla Lintz Profile Image

by Shyla Lintz

Bentley Systems’ STAAD and RAM products have been long-time industry leaders in structural design and analysis software solutions. Bentley’s RAM Concept is the ultimate structural designer’s solution for post-tensioned and conventionally reinforced slabs, mats, and rafts with exceptional visibility into...

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by Qian Fang

Structural engineers are all too familiar with the constraints that often accompany their critical work. While they are tasked with ensuring the safety and stability of buildings, facilities, and infrastructure, these professionals frequently find themselves operating on a shoestring budget...

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by Bentley Expert

Project The Pearl Path Project is a rigorous preservation and development project for the culturally historic city of Muharraq, the third-largest city in Bahrain. Named for the city’s history in the pearl industry, the project preserves Muharraq’s cultural heritage while...

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by Bentley Expert

Do you have remaining budget? Are you wondering what to do for your end of year budget spending? This article will provide guidance on how to spend your end of year budget when you have remaining funds that need to...

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by Bentley Expert