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Success Story | Fujian Changle Zone C Offshore Wind Farm

Located in open sea off the Changle shoreline, Zone C of the Changle Offshore Wind Farm consists of 62 wind turbines, with a total installed capacity of 500 megawatts. The project site presented extreme environmental factors and complicated geological conditions. Fujian Yongfu conducted a feasibility study evaluating the structural integrity and cost-effectiveness of using a suction pile foundation and conduit frame for the turbines. They realized that their traditional soil simulation and strength assessment methods were not applicable to these pile structures and would result in a significant cost increase.

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SACS Material Take-Off

Material Take-off is an essential, yet time-consuming affair, associated with very basics of construction industry and Oil & Gas construction is no exception. In this article, we will see how we can perform a Material Take-Off Analysis using SACS step-by-step procedure. 

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Joint Mesher in SACS

Are you concerned about the integrity of the joints of your fixed or floating facilities? We can handle a simple tubular joint by using established empirical relationships prescribed in the codes. A pure non-tubular or tubular to non-tubular or a stiffened complex joint either requires a rigorous closed formed solution or additional FEM analysis using industry-standard Finite Element software. Well, it is no longer a necessity with SACS Joint Mesher capability at hand! This online comprehensive training takes you through the step-by-step methodology of using SACS Joint Mesher capabilities. Learn how to model any type of joint geometry in the FEM domain within the normal facility design space. We further use these capabilities to model lifting appliances, e.g., padeyes, trunions, and any other complex connections like skirt piles or crane/equipment. The joint mesher capability may also be used to extract stress concentration factors [SCF] of any non-conventional and stiffened joints generally required for further fatigue check. There are few ways of creating joint meshes either from the SACS Executive Screen or from SACS Preceed or Modeler by selecting a joint or using a pre-generated joint mesh input file. In either way, the user needs a basic SACS input model to

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