2D Analysis of a Tunnel Excavation in Rock

Modeling Shotcrete and Cable Bolts: Comparison of FLAC2D and PLAXIS 2D The 2D excavation analysis of a tunnel in a rock mass is explored in this article and some elements of comparison with an identical analysis run in FLAC2D geotechnical analysis software will be discussed. Besides a results comparison, this article will particularly focus on model construction in PLAXIS 2D geotechnical analysis software. (a) Cross Section (b) Profile Figure 1: Tunnel drawings Problem Description The tunnel cross section and profile are provided in Figure 1. The studied tunnel section is constructed at a depth of 654 m in a uniform rock mass with unit weight γrock = 26.7 kN.m-3. The initial stress ratio is respectively equal to K0,x = 0.6 (in-plane horizontal) and K0,z = 0.8 (out-of-plane horizontal). The tunnel is placed at an elevation of 76 m. In order to not have to physically model the entire overburden (and that would have required for the model to extend up to an elevation of 730 m vertically), a fictitious 10 m top layer with unit was introduced at an elevation of 160 m with a unit weight of γoverb = 1522 kN.m-3 equivalent to a 570 m thick overburden with

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PLAXIS Success Story: Road Slope Rupture Remediation

Introduction  Jody Robinson, at DRS-Engineering, works with slope stabilization and retaining walls design, among other geo-structures in California. Waterfront repairs, remediation of wave action on pile walls and tied-back dimensioning are also in the scope of services provided.

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Resolvendo desafios complexos de análise geotécnica, de modo fácil

Desafios geotécnicos estão em todos os lugares, começando da interação do solo com a fundação de nossas casas, estradas, aterros, barragens, muros de contenção, e túneis. Engenheiros têm estudado esses casos por séculos, e ao longo do tempo eles desenvolveram diferentes métodos para resolver esses desafios – infelizmente, esses métodos não são sempre acurados ou representativos da realidade.

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