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Civil Worksuite: How OpenSite Designer, OpenRoads Designer, and OpenBridge Designer are positively affecting the past, present and future at HUB Engineers

OpenBridge Designer, OpenSite Designer, and OpenRoads Designer form a trio of Bentley Systems’ leading purpose-built software. These individual applications are part of Civil WorkSuite, a collective solution that address bridge, site, and roadway civil projects–supporting workflows in a unique way and making them essential for deliverables.   Bentley Systems–the infrastructure engineering software company that empowers people to design, build, and operate better and more resilient infrastructure–offers a way to bundle what you need, when you need it, to deliver complete projects. This bundle is called Civil WorkSuite, a collection of nine Bentley solutions that cover the needs of any type of civil project.  One user of Civil Worksuite is Holloway, Updike and Bellen, Inc. Consulting Engineers (HUB Engineers), a multidiscipline firm offering the full spectrum of engineering services that include surveying, transportation design, storm water solutions, and construction services in Oklahoma. With their decades of expertise, Dwain Garner and his team have designed and overseen the successful completion of numerous projects of different magnitudes.    HUB Engineers views problems as opportunities to discover solutions. The company recognized the need for a comprehensive collection of software that addresses the site projects that they have undertaken in recent years, road projects that they

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Digital Design and the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise

In today’s fast-expanding digital ecosystem, the tools that had long comprised a trusted arsenal for transportation engineering are now constrained. Digital workflows and adopting 3D and Building Information Management (BIM) for design, engineering, and production are progressively required to streamline review processes, reduce costs, increase efficiency, and meet customer specifications. 

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OpenRoads Designer: A Future of Faster, Smarter Engineering

As a relatively young transportation engineer, I’ve had the opportunity to use some legacy workflows such as MicroStation V8i SS4 with add-on programs such as InRoads and GeoPAK. These tools have some great features and functionality but require considerable experience before true expertise is realized.

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