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Increase the Potential of GenerativeComponents with Key-ins

In MicroStation or in any other PowerPlatform tools (OpenBuildings, OpenRoads, OpenBridge) almost all functionalities has a Key-in. Key-ins allow us to use lots of functionalities with simple commands. In GenerativeComponents, there is an in-built function KeyIn() that allows us to execute any Key-ins. Key-ins could be especially helpful to use any functionalities that are not available in GC. Sometimes this approach requires less effort than taking the programmatic approach. A bit about Key-ins To get started with key-ins you may refer to this article: How to string key-ins together or create key-in scripts Let’s take the example of placing a region by flood method inside some given elements. To achieve it through key-in we would first require to activate the ‘Create Region’ functionality and then provide key-in for the data point required to create the region. We can easily find key-in about any functionalities from ‘Help Documentation’. In this case, we search about the ‘Create Region’ in Help to find about its Keyin. So the proper key-in would be ‘create region flood‘. If you do not find the proper key-in about any specific function or option you may refer to these two wikis What command was that? Determining keyins associated

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