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A Tale of One City, with Two Extremes

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” is […]

By Gregg Herrin, Vice President of Water Infrastructure


Diving into Smart Water Management

Being close to water is something that brings color, peace, and happiness to […]

By Cecilia Correia, Senior Water Solutions Manager


Building The World’s Longest Elevated Walkway Over an Active Runway

The Seattle Tacoma International Airport, or SEA Airport, is the gateway to and […]

By Mary Kay Sheahan, Product & Industry Marketing Director, Construction

Road & Rail

Here’s Why Investors are Starting to Pay Attention to Infrastructure Digital Twins

The banking sector has long been at the forefront of leveraging data and […]

By Steve Cockerell, Industry Marketing Director, Rail & Transit

iTwin Platform

Building Excitement About Digital Twins Among Students with Minecraft and Bentley’s iTwin Technology

The winners have been announced for Bentley Education’s first-ever Digital Twin Design Challenge! […]

By Steven Fruhwirth, Senior Program Manager, iTwin Platform


It’s About Dam Time: Going Digital Necessary to Support Vital Resource – Water

Sandra DiMatteo, Bentley’s Industry Marketing Director, Water, also contributed to this post. We […]

By Todd Roberts, Senior Director, Business Development, Infrastructure IoT


A Simple Answer to Reducing Your Plant’s GHG Emissions? Avoid Unplanned Downtime!

While the rise in energy prices worldwide, as well as the prices at […]

By Richard Irwin, Senior Manager, Digital Twins and Industry Marketing


The Joy in the Promise of Nuclear Fusion

In the 3rd century, the Greek mathematician and physicist Archimedes discovered that the […]

By Greg Demchak, Director, Digital Innovation Lab


Is a Common Data Environment Worth the Investment?

Today’s construction landscape is being greatly impacted by Covid-19 regulations, skilled labor shortages, […]

By Mark Coates, International Director of Public Policy & Advocacy