Helping Our Colleagues Succeed to Better Advance Infrastructure

October 14, 2022

By Suzanne Little, Chief Colleague Success Officer

Bentley has always had an inclusive culture that supports colleagues to innovate, grow, and build lasting and meaningful careers. This is why many of our colleagues, myself included, have stayed for a decade or more without a second thought. Bentley cares about our colleagues just as we do our users, and that’s made apparent in everything we do.

Therefore, it was in keeping with our culture and our history that we have made the intentional move to rebrand our Talent Advancement team to “Colleague Success.” This organizational name change sends a clear message that our team—the team commonly referred to as “HR”—focuses on the success of all our colleagues at Bentley.

The word “success” will have a different definition for every colleague at Bentley. For some, it may mean advancing their career. For others, it may mean staying where they are and enriching their experience through personal relationships, developing their skills, or getting involved to make our communities a better place. Colleague experience plays a key role in how each of us feels about our work and the company we work for. What infuses our days with energy and meaning are the relationships that we build, the problems that we solve, and the positive impact that we make on the world around us.

In short, what makes all our time and effort worth it is the personalized experience that we have in feeling like we belong, are supported, and have opportunities across our career journeys and in moments that matter.

The Colleague Success organization is focused on supporting and empowering all our colleagues to create their unique, multidimensional success stories at Bentley. This is critical because we know that successful colleague journeys, in turn, enable our success as a company and the success of our users. We have cross-functional resources in the Colleague Success team, who are taking a colleague-centric view from the tactical to the strategic—and everything in between—to cultivate an excellent colleague experience for all.

Colleague experience is a strategic priority that the entire organization is working on, not only the Colleague Success team. All teams and leaders at Bentley will be focused on creating a delightful experience for our colleagues, just as we focus on delighting our users.

By leveraging all our unique success stories, colleague and user alike, I’m confident that we will advance the world’s infrastructure together.


Suzanne Little joined Bentley Systems in 2011 and was named chief colleague success officer in 2022. She is responsible for leading the company’s global human resources teams, who are focused on supporting and empowering all colleagues to create their success stories at Bentley.

Prior to her current position, Suzanne served as vice president of talent, where she was responsible for leading global talent operations including talent acquisition, HR operational excellence, HR shared services, strategic HR business partnership, talent management, total rewards, and talent systems and analytics. Suzanne holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of North Florida and a master’s degree in Human Resource Development from Villanova University.