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There is More to Replacing This New York City Overpass Than Meets the Eye

Commuting is a fact of life for many metropolitan areas, but very few […]

By Meg Davis, Director of Enterprise Marketing

Bill Panos Is on a Mission to Help Expand the Benefits of Infrastructure to Communities across North America

William “Bill” Panos began his career in aerospace technology. He never envisioned that […]

By Verna Porter, Bentley Corporate Marketing & Communications

Why & How U.S. DOTs are Advancing to Digital Delivery

The roads and highways sector is at a critical juncture. Funding from the […]

By Dustin Parkman, Vice President of Transportation

The Advanced Digital Construction Management Systems Discretionary Grant Program

  On June 27, the U.S. Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) released the much-anticipated […]

By David Lieberman, Director, U.S. Government Relations

From Imaging to Digital Twin: Digitally Mapping the City of Perry

  For this midwestern city located in Iowa, it all started with a […]

By Meg Davis, Director of Enterprise Marketing

IoT Sensor Data Used for Bridge Monitoring and as Building Block for Digital Twin

  The benefits of a walkable city are well known. According to the […]

By Sandra DiMatteo, Industry Marketing Director, Water

Kotido-Kaabong Road Project Brings Innovations to Uganda’s Rural Development Strategy

Uganda’s Kidepo Valley National Park covers two major river valley systems, the Kidepo […]

By Meg Davis, Director of Enterprise Marketing

Unlocking Data to Improve Bridge Safety

On July 28th, 2022, Eastern Kentucky experienced historic flooding that took the lives […]

By Scott Becher, Senior Solutions Engineer, Transportation

How a Complete Streets Design Helped to Revitalize Downtown Torrence, California

Redeveloping a downtown area doesn’t have to involve attracting big box stores or […]

By Meg Davis, Director of Enterprise Marketing

The Benefits of Moving to a Complete Streets Design Model

We hear a lot about Complete Streets these days, but what does it […]

By Meg Davis, Director of Enterprise Marketing

Reality Modeling: Bridging the Gap to Better Transportation Projects

At its peak, the James J. Hill Stone Arch Bridge carried about 50 […]

By Aude Camus, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Reality Modeling, Roads and Bridges

Here’s Why Investors are Starting to Pay Attention to Infrastructure Digital Twins

The banking sector has long been at the forefront of leveraging data and […]

By Steve Cockerell, Industry Marketing Director, Rail & Transit

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